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Update! As The Stone Turns (or Does Not Turn), LOL!

Just wanted to drop by real quick with a little update. I did read everyone's comments and hope to get to those soon. The last few days I haven't been on the computer even to check my e-mail...sooo...

Anyway, I did meet with my urologist this last Tuesday and, despite the size of the stone, he has elected to go with the shock-wave lithotripsy. He likes that I've had good success with it in the past and that it's the least invasive--usually just leaving me with a nickel to quarter-sized sore right over where the sound waves have been focused. I've read that it can make you feel a little sick for reasons I don't understand, but mostly, I've just felt tired in the past and, of course, the side in question is pretty tender and the sore itself hurts a little. It's scheduled for Monday as a same-day surgery and, if all goes well, I'll be home late Monday evening.

If this doesn't work, then he'll have to try something else. The other options are using a scope to go inside my body through the ureter to focus a laser on the stone or to make in incision in my back and physically inserting a scope in the incision and then use some tool to bust up the stone and remove the pieces (the least likely, but most invasion procedure). Also, he plans on leaving the stent in for another three to four weeks to make sure the busted up fragments can pass without getting stuck. Which, yay for not getting stuck...but boo for having to put up with the discomfort for that long.

Don't tell anyone, but I kinda look forward to it. Partly because the kidney pain that keeps flaring up is the worst, but also because I find watching the medical personnel doing their jobs immensely fascinating. I think if I had the opportunity, I would have enjoyed a medical career because it's all so interesting to me. I watch everything they do and sometimes ask questions if I get my nerve up enough to "pester" them with questions.

So, that's the plan. I'd like to take care of some other things...but I'm kinda pooped already. I'll try to come back tonight to answer comments in the now locked entry. Thanks to everyone who has commented and checked up on me in various ways. I so very much appreciate it. It's a spirit-lifter to feel like someone does care! So, *big hugs*.
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