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So Much Adrenaline, I Have A Headache! aka Supernatural Episode 6.01

I don't even know where to begin about the season premiere of Supernatural. I really...I just don't know. My heart is literally in my throat. I think it was there the moment the episode started.  I mean, we started out with domestic Dean, which, be still my beating heart, domestic Dean is HOT. I knew he would be.

Nothing gets my attention more than a hot guy who knows how to take care of his family (I always knew he could cook!). That is a total turn ON. But Jensen was just so pretty! That hair (my favorite style so far) and that clean-shaven face! *wolf whistles*

But then the emotion Jensen gave Dean through the whole thing--just knocking it out of the park like he does! I missed that so much this summer. He's the only one that seems to affect me quite so strongly. He makes my toes curl and my heart flutter. And then he makes my heart hurt so bad for him. It was hard watching him trying to decide between Lisa/Ben and Sam/hunting. He was so torn. And he was so hurt by Sam and Bobby keeping this HUGE thing from him.

And Lisa! I've always liked Lisa, but now I want to marry her myself! Just kidding! But, THIS is the girl I want Dean to spend the rest of his life with. I loved her, she's so good for him. Dean's seems like such an awesome dad, there was ever any doubt. I'm just heartbroken already about him not being able to stay with them. I mean, we all know SOMETHING's going to happen because we all know they won't spend the season with Dean being domesticated. I just don't think I can watch it happen, though. There is no acceptable way for Dean to lose them. It's going to hurt, no matter what because I want him to have them so badly.

I was so proud of Dean for telling Sam he was staying with them. So. Proud. It was the right and mature and good thing to do. I was so proud he made the right decision. It was also so good to finally hear Sam say he needs Dean. That whole speech about how Dean doesn't even hesitate, he just rushes in to help people was awesome. We've known it all along, but it was good to finally hear Sam SAY it.

Wow, why does this show just get to me like this? I really have so much adrenaline I have a headache! I think I'm going to have to watch it again. Maybe I can process it better on a second viewing because right now, I'm not sure what to think. It was a lot! But, before I do, let's just get this out of the way:

1. NO, I do not trust the Campbells (Unfortunately. I wanted the boys to have some family and I like the idea of grandpa).

2. Yes, I think everyone was wrong to keep Sam's return a secret from Dean...but I DO see they did it because they really wanted Dean to be happy. And he DOES deserve some happy...but they let Dean think Sam was in the cage for a whole year...AND, wasn't it Sam who told Dean he needs to be able to make his own decisions? Doesn't that need to be reciprocated? See? I'm waffling.

3. I almost felt like Bobby was a little jealous of Dean. And he never said Dean deserved to be happy, he just seemed to imply he should've been more grateful to them for keeping the secret.

4. No, I didn't like Grandpa Samuel trying to make Dean feel bad for having a life outside hunting. If anyone deserves it, he DOES.

5. Sam. I'm still processing not much to say just yet. But I truly did not like the way he turned down the Impala--completely unaffected. Okay, so he likes HIS car...but couldn't he have at least put it differently? I mean, this is the IMPALA, for Pete's sake, Dean's baby!

6. It was so good to have Show back. I had missed it despite any faults it may or may not have.

7. Jensen looked so good! Didn't he? Just. Wow.

8. I'm a little confused about the Djinn killing method. I didn't know golf clubs worked the same has lamb's blood on a knife. That whole thing didn't seem planned out too well.

9. I'm so glad the YED was just a hallucination.

10. Yay! Hurt!Dean right off the bat! That's always a good way to kick off a season!

That's the cliff notes version of what I feel. ;)

I may or may not have more to say on the subject at some time...I know this isn't in depth, but really, I'm still trying to ABSORB.
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