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Dragon Cave?

Anyone here active on Dragon Cave? I've spent a lot of my downtime there lately as its good for taking my mind off my problems without making me think too much. Sometimes, though, it really frustrates me. If you don't have a fast internet connection, it can be hard to snag rare eggs. I recently acquired my first Dino, some Coppers and a couple of Silvers--but its taken a lot of effort and no small amount of luck. Anyway, just wondered. Here's a link to my scroll if anyone is interested:  http://dragcave.net/user/NovembersGuest.


Ohh, that sounds interesting!! And addictive, lol!!

It can be addictive for sure. During Christmas, I was trying to catch a rare Holly Dragon, and I'd sit for a few hours with my eyes glued to the Abandoned Page (where abandoned eggs go) hitting F5 (refresh) over and over--determined to get a couple Hollies before the season was gone. Ended up having them gifted to me on FB because I was not fast enough to actually catch one.