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Sam 'n Dean ELAC

January 2017

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Sam 'n Dean ELAC


Ya know, part of my problem concerning writing? I can't really do it without music and, lately, I feel guilty if I cut off my family by putting on my headphones. Or, I worry I'll miss something important. Its always been somewhat of a problem, but it seems like its worse than ever. I think there are many reasons for this, but, right now, part of it is me feeling needy (and lonely) myself and I find myself wanting to make myself available to any and all affection.

Random note? I sure would like a bowl of fresh, ripe strawberries.


I can't write w/out music, either. I hope you find time to write that doesn't take you away from anything. I've done a trade-off for "me time" by spending specific time with Mo Chuisle, with the hubs, and then I get my writing time.

But yeah. Music.
Yeah, I don't know what the deal is with this. I used to be okay with spending a few hours in the evenings with my headphones on, but now I just seem to have a problem with it...and I cannot concentrate with the TV sounds. Maybe I've finally lost my mind.
Do not feel guilty!!! Hard to do - but I know you need some YOU time, too. To keep SANE. Gods...

*Muses for a moment*

You need that, lovely one. Take the time and try to stow the guilt...hell - write that guilt out!!

Mmmm...strawberries...so good!!

I know it doesn't make sense to feel guilty especially given everyone in the house occupies themselves with something for a few hours--and I do stuff like Dragon Cave. But, with Dragon Cave, I'm not completely cut off, I'm still able to hear and be a part of what's going on and am available.

YES, strawberries--yum! Although, we had some acorn squash tonight and that really hit the spot.