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Sam 'n Dean ELAC

June 2017

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Sam 'n Dean ELAC

Reading Recs

Since I was passing around recs, I thought I'd bring the last two SPN fics I read. Its been a while and I don't read them very often, but these two were worth reading. I'm sure you've read the first, "Adiago" by gaelicspirit. Her fictions are much well-loved by all, but this is the one I read last and it was such a moving and brilliant piece of writing that I wish it were canon.

The second is a wee!chester story. Its called "Nothing to Be Scared Of" by Partly. This heartbreaking story was just wonderful. I especially enjoyed the ending scenes between Dean and John. Its these kinds of stories that remind me why I sometimes feel so protective of canon. The story that  has been established early on is enough and doesn't need to be messed with. There will always be a wealth of gold found in those first two season of Supernatural.

There ya go. Two good reads to warm your heart or break it, its always a toss up with these boys.


I do love a good rec - and whereas I ADORE Gaelic, I have never heard of Partly. I feel I will have to check this out - thank you!

Yeah, I really figured I was wasting my time recc'ing anything from Gaelic here (considering that anyone reading this probably read it long ago), but it was good and you never know who hasn't read it.

I had never heard of Partly either, but I really enjoyed that fic. Poor Dean. :(

*hugs back*
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