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Update and Happy Birthdays!!!

Well, folks, I owe my urology doc and mikis53   their due. By not getting my meds filled and taken ON TIME, I only bought myself a world of trouble and a one way ticket to full-blown kidney infection. My boss ended up sending me home early yesterday because my sister ratted me out. :p Let's hope tomorrow goes better. So, kids, take it from me, when the doctor says get this filled and take it--don't delay! Suffice it to say, my own stupidity has cost me days and now my fic is officially behind...after only the FIRST stinking chapter. Gah. I'm sorry. AND huge thanks to you all who wished me well and left kind words. Meant a great deal to me.

 (((HUGS))) flist!

Anyhoo, on to more light-hearted matters...

I'm going to try and get better with - Cute Glitter Graphics BIG, HUGE Happy Birthday shout out to mariej1978 and
hay1ock  ! Hope you both have a great week and lots of birthday goodies!
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