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Jo Update - Spoilers for Born Under a Bad Sign...

I know this is coming WAY after the fact (I've been busy...with lots of stuff),  but when I read through my previous posts I felt that I needed to update my journal on my official feelings about Jo.  After watching Born Under a Bad Sign, I finally realized that it was the writing of Jo's character that was bugging me all along and not the actress herself.  See, I told everyone that it was the writing and not the actress. This Jo was so much better that I enjoyed seeing her in the episode.   I could handle this version of Jo being in the show on a recurring basis.  I was worried just a bit when I first saw her appear, but it was okay.  Alona did a great job in this episode as always, but the writers were pulling their weight this time.  I think the writers have worked hard to tone her down some and make her more appealing, instead of giving her crap lines about people getting into her pants or whatever.  She was quieter, not so brash.  It was worked like it should. Maybe they should hook her up with Sam (wink, wink).  They have better chemistry. Plus, Alona, dahling, I LOVE your new hair cut!

Actually, I hear Alona is a doll...and she seems sweet.  I hope the writers continue to give the girl better material so we can embrace her character without reservation.

This entire episode was one of their best...both boys delivered awesome performances.  I would never, ever want Sam to become evil or Dean's enemy, but, dang, that Jared did an awesome job playing a bad Sam!  And, I really like Bobby...he's cool.  I really hope his wards will keep the boys from being possessed again...and I hope its the last time we see Sam run away (under his own power or not).  I've really enjoyed this whole season, but I can feel how they're upping the ante and getting down to business now.  I wish the ratings would reflect how good the show has actually been.

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