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Sam 'n Dean ELAC

June 2017

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Time to Ramble On

[sticky post] Semi-Friends Only


This journal is semi-friends only. My created works--fictions, art, videos--will be open to the public, but certain personal posts will be f-locked. Anyone may add me, but to be added back, read the guidelines following the cut and then leave a comment:

Please comment to be added. If I DON'T know you and you DON'T comment, I will assume you don't want to be added back. Seriously, no one wants to befriend a bot (or regular de-friending offenders).

  • I don't (cannot stress this enough) enjoy getting de-friending notices in my e-mail. Be sure that being mutual friends is something you really want and that I'm someone who won't annoy you. I'm sensitive (and have poor self-esteem) and can’t seem to help but take it personally when I’m cut (Was it something I did? Am I that boring? etc.). If you like keeping your friends' list stream-lined to only those you chat with a lot or if you are just one of those indecisive people who may friend today only to de-friend tomorrow, please don’t ask to be added…unless you are really, really sure you’ll be sticking around.

  • Be patient with me. I'm very forgetful and I'm very busy in my real life. I sometimes don't post often and I sometimes get behind on comment replies. Often I read them in my e-mail at work, but just don't have the time right then to reply back (I like to think about what I'm saying rather than just throwing stuff at you, so I might struggle with what to say). So, I do read, but sometimes get behind on replies for a variety of reasons.

  • Take in consideration that I am a Dean girl (or, even better, a Jensen Ackles' fan). I don't hate any of the characters, but I'm always on Dean's side of things. I believe wholeheartedly that the core of the Supernatural universe is the brothers’ love and bond. On the other hand, I don't enjoy blatant bashing of either Winchester brother or Castiel.

  • Don't expect a lot of commenting from me on your journal. As I said above, I'm a fairly busy person with a full-time job, two school-age children, a hubby, pets, a close-knit extended family and other responsibilities that take up most of my days and nights. It’s not personal, it's just that I have only so much time to be on the computer.  Also, my lack of commenting does not in any way mean that I don’t love hearing from you or that I don’t sometimes browse my friends’ journals when I find the time. Know that I appreciate each and every one of you sincerely and would miss you if you were to suddenly disappear--yes, I do notice. :)

Thanks and I hope you enjoy my journal!!!


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I want to be on your friends list! I enjoy reading all your comments and posts. Please keep me on as a friend. I won't de-friend! I feel the same way when I get a notice so seldom friend.
No worries, this post is only for people who haven't yet friended me. If you are on my friends' list already, you are safe. This is the post I said I'd make a long time ago, but couldn't find a banner to go with...so, I made my own for temporary use!
Hey, it's me. Keep me. :) *hugs (and misses) you*
Of course!!! No one already on my list has any worries...this is just that official post I talked about earlier...but could never find a banner. So, I made my own for temporary use until I find one I like better!

Miss you, too! It's been a crazy life lately, has it not? I get the sense that you know exactly what I mean!
I'm going to try this again. Seems I can't even remember my user name! I do enjoy reading your fiction and also enjoy your notes. I don't comment as often as I should to tell you thanks for the fiction, but hope to remain on your list of friends. If it's any consolation I am such a techno-neanderthal that I couldn't defriend anyone!
Lol, I totally understand. Nope, no worries. All who are on are staying--I'm not cutting anyone. This is just my new screening process for any new people wishing to be friended back. I've been planning on doing this for a while, but I couldn't find a banner I liked. So, I made one and will keep looking in the meantime.

Good to see you again, btw...and thanks, I'm glad you enjoy my posts!
Understand I'm safe? Woohoo! *hugs you hard*

How's things, sweetie?
Yep, safe and safe! Things are much better than last time I posted. At least, I'm feeling a whole lot better. But I'm way too busy. I just come home and kinda zone out, lol.

There's been lots of drama with my son and his grades. He's in middle school now and it's not going so well. It's so very frustrating to have a sharp kid who'd rather do anything but be at school.

Add to that work stuff I'm behind on from being sick, mid-quarter grades coming due, the holidays starting to kick off and everything online and you have a recipe for avoidance! LOL! Just kidding. I'm taking it as it comes the best I can--look at that positive attitude go! *woot, woot*

*runs and knocks on wood*

Hope I didn't just jinx myself. *looks around worriedly*
my main enjoyment comes from Dean and it will be his POV that I sympathize with when push comes to shove.

me too :D haha. <3
*hi-fives* Dean is awesome! :)
*Waves* can I be added? *Giggles* Of course I'm already a mutual friend? Hee! I am the same way-I get added alot and then 2 days later I find they drop me. I get frustrated-and some are pretty hurtful to lose. So I totally understand you on this! And for the record? Just try and ditch me-I am here forever! *Clings a little* LOL. Hope you're doing ok!
*Hugs* ;)
*tackle-hugs* Hey you! How's it going? Yup, this will hopefully help me out. Plus, I'll know who really wants me to friend back and who just wants me on their friends' list for reading.

It took me long enough to get this done...couldn't find a banner I liked and I'm still looking. Oh, yeah, I'm doing lots better. Am really behind and feeling the heat, but feeling pretty good as of this moment. ;)

*clings back* You'd better not go anywhere! I wouldn't want to lose any of the people commenting back tonight...you all are my support system! *hugs*
I was going to post and beg you to keep me, but I see from your other responses that I have nothing to fear...I hope. So yay!

And also, how do you even find time to talk to us as much as you do? Holy cow your life is busy!
Yep, nothing at all to fear! Well, I'm sure I'm not the only one who's really busy, but, yeah, it can be hard. Sometimes I end up letting some things go undone to make time to be here--but that's the way with anything, right?

Life is too busy, yes? Glad to see ya!
We are already mutual friends and I hate to be de-friended (is that even a word) so please don't. I not a writer but love to read. Also a Dean/Jensen (congratulations Jensen) gurl and sorry I don't do much commenting either.
*waves* Hey there! No worries, I'm the last person who would dare criticize someone on their commenting habits. Mine are far from stellar and of course there'll be no de-friending! I'm just doing this to try and make my desires clear for anyone who wants me to add them back in the future.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who hates getting de-friended!
Sweetie, you won't get rid of me that easy! Don't you dare unfriend me. EVER!
See? I finally got it done--I'm all semi-friendsy! It only took me a few months, but, hey, who's counting!?

Of course I wouldn't dare! I'd be crazy to lose track of you! I hope things are going better. I feel bad that I wasn't around to cheer you up during a rough time.

But, I'm sending bear hugs now! *bear hugs*
Hi I'm in brief a
Danneel lover
Jensen lover, Jared worshiper
Hate wank and got defriended twice for that
Poet/Egyptian/Family girl/thinker
SPN addict, love Sam & Dean equally. I also love Cas a LOT
I don't comment much either
So, friends?
Awesome! Welcome, friend! :)
Hi I am on supernatural.tv and I am a huge supporter of danneel and Jensen. Anyways I thought I would drop a comment by. I sooooo need as many J/D supporters as I can get! My sn is Kaybone on there!

Love your LJ layout too!
Oh, hi! and, agreed! Danneel and Jensen need our support. I hate the way people can't seem to understand these are people with feelings and the right to be respected. Crazy-ness!

And, thanks, I like my layout, too :D. JessicaRae made it!
Keep me, keep me Nic! hehe *squish* jokes!

Am I a friend or semi friend, or mutual?? lol, I have no idea how any of it works!!!

Anywho, I have been very bad at keeping up with my friend journals but hopefully I'll be able to catch up! Your layout left my jaw on the floor, tis gorgeous.

Schelz <3
Hi Schelz! *glomp*

No worries, I'm the LAST person who has any right to point any fingers! I keep going AWOL myself! You, my friend, are a mutual friend. You friended me and I friended you back, so, definitely mutual! :)

Oh, thanks about the layout! JessicaRae made it for me. I love it, too!


No bot love :...(

Nah, just kidding, and I totally understand the posting issues, sometimes Life just doesn't give ya' the time.

On the Brothers thing, I'll admit that I'm more of a Sammy Girl but I got no massive issue with Dean, just a bigger fan of the Puppy :)

Re: Posting

Hi! *waves* Added back. Sorry it took me so long, I have been sick all weekend and just didn't really check in. See, life...it'll get ya! LOL!

Welcome, btw!
Hey Nicole,
It's Wendy aka Dean's_Gal.

Hope this is ok that I added you as a friend on here :)
Take care and see over at sn.tv.
Absolutely! I went ahead and added you already because I recognized your name. :)
I hope you don't mind I just added you as a friend. I love your stories on Fanfiction.net and am a jensen/Dean girl myself(Though I love both bro's). I don't get to comment a lot either, but I love reading fic's and alway's enjoy yours and your banners and icons are great! I also share your hate of being de-friended so don't worry I won't. :)
Awesome! I'm friending you back right away!!! :) Thanks.
Hey just checking up on you! Haven't heard anything in a while and wanted to let you know I have noticed your absence. Hope you and family are okay. HUGS!!!!!
*waves* ;)
From one DeanGirl to another, let's be friends :) Your journal is beautiful by the way, I'm so jealous :)
Welcome, welcome! And thanks, I like it, too! JessicaRae24 made it for me. I cannot even begin to thank her enough.
I'm offa SVS (madcow260). Didn't want you to think I was some complete randomer.
Nice to know someone else who hated the whole defriending thing.
Awesome!!! Happy to see you and welcome. I really appreciate you commenting, a surprising few don't and I then waffle on whether to accept them back or not. This way, I know you really do want to be a mutual friend! Thanks.
Hi. I have been reading your wonderful stories on fanfic for awhile and waiting patiently for updates... LOL What can I say, your stories are so very intriguing and such a treat for a fellow Dean girl. Anyhoo, would like to be your friend on LJ, to see what's going on over here. Thanks.
Sure, I'll friend you back right away! And, sorry there's not been any updates lately. I thought I'd kicked the writer's block, but then it come back :(.

And, thank you, I'm glad you like what you've read so far. :)
Hope you don't mind me friending you. You seem like a nice, positive person. The haters have been bringing me down and trying to suck me into their void, so I'm always on the lookout for happy shiny flisties.

Plus. You're a Dean!girl who also enjoys Sam. I hate fandom's tendency to think if you love one brother you must HATE ALL OTHER PEOPLE WITH THE POWER OF THE SUN!

Anyhoo. Hi!
Hello, there and welcome! I don't mind you friending me at all, I like new people. But I just got to warn you that I'm not always so positive (especially if I'm depressed). I have some reservations about this season (though last night's ep really helped improve my attitude) and I wasn't one who was in love with the finale last year. I don't HATE it, but I don't love it, either. Just sayin' in case because I don't want to disappoint you.

Yep, I'm a Dean girl who enjoys Sam when he's really Sam, lol! And of course you can have a preference and still like the other...that's like saying if you like chocolate you can't like peanut butter and I just LOVE Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! ;)
Happy Birthday Nicole,

Wising you a glorious day and many,many blessings:)


Paulette (lettie) xx
*hugs* Thank you so much! :)


P.S. I love your nickname--Lettie!
Hello... I was wondering if I could friend you? I use to read our stories on ff.net a couple of years ago, then came to LJ and lost your awesome stories and now I've found you!!! hope that doesnt sound too stalker like:p... Sadly i'm not very creative so theres nothing so see on my LJ but I promise to leave a review on everything that I read...
Oh, hi! And, of course you can friend me! Welcome to my journal :).

'tis me, Jenny

Hiya Nicole, just figuring this LJ thing out and found the gang from the Haven. I pushed Add Friend for you then saw this so sending you a comment so you know it's me, the same Flamelily.


Re: 'tis me, Jenny

Okay, great, Jenny! I'm adding you right back. Yeah, I ended up doing this after I kept having people friend me with no comment whatsoever only to get cut from their friends' list with no warning, AFTER I'd thought we were friends and I'd gotten used to having them around. So, now I'm more choosy about who I friend back--once bitten, twice shy!
Thanks for those addresses... Hopefully things would change.
Hi! You're welcome...one can always hope, lol! Did you want me to friend you?

From fanfic.net

Hey Nicole! I've been reading your fics ever since I found supernatural fanfiction and I've loved every one of them. Came here because I just made my own LJ page and saw what you had written after your last update for What Comes After (which was amazing). Can I add you as a friend?


Re: From fanfic.net

Yes, that'd be great! And, *blushes* thanks. I'm relieved, thrilled, humbled and excited that you enjoyed the update.
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