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[sticky post] Semi-Friends Only


This journal is semi-friends only. My created works--fictions, art, videos--will be open to the public, but certain personal posts will be f-locked. Anyone may add me, but to be added back, read the guidelines following the cut and then leave a comment:

Thanks and I hope you enjoy my journal!!!


I'm curious and I hope several of you will answer. When you visit LJ, do you use your computer or your phone (or iPad type device)? Also, do you still receive notifications when someone posts a new post?  I used to always use my laptop, but I've been using my phone more and more and I wanted to know how many of you do the same. Plus, I hardly ever receive post notifications and I didn't know if it was because LJ isn't sending them or if people just aren't posting.

My Little Darling

Love this sweet baby.

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Dean Winchester, Hero

Dean Winchester, who believes he doesn’t matter,

Because he couldn’t save Mom or Cas,

Because he can’t save everyone,

Who grieves for a boy he barely met,

Who asks for ghosts of strangers to find peace rather than save himself,

Who loves bacon and his brother,

Who believes he holds his brother back,

Who openly and freely admits he’s not okay.

Dean Winchester, I ❤️ you for these and many more reasons. I wish I could hug you and make you feel needed and loved and important.

Dean Winchester has work to do and I know he won’t disappoint. Dean Winchester, Hero.



Have you died a slow death? Was it neglect? Was it old age yawning and new haunts drawing the people away? Did it happen in silence or was it loud in a room devoid of ears to hear? With a final gasp, a community once vibrant with life slipped away unnoticed and died a quiet death.


Take Me Back

This is happiness. Love this place. Navarre, FL

Hopeless Fears

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Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever feel happy and truly lighthearted ever again. And I don’t mean happy in passing—I mean, get up happy to greet the day everyday and heart light as a feather for days.I’m so tired of being mired in a swamp of sadness.

Happiest I’ve been in ages was the trip to Florida for my niece’s wedding. Since then, utter bleakness. Small moments of happiness, but always with a caveat of anxiety hanging over my head…or the knowledge it won’t last.

I feel like “something better” is a pipe dream and hope is a waste of effort. God save me from my despair. And here comes the guilt because I know things could be so much worse—other people are going through so much worse. Why can’t I cope?


Dark Emotions

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Sadness consumes the light and the growing darkness suffocates the happy thoughts until hope withers into gauzy wisps of vapor.

Nights Like These

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Claws, sharp & feral, raked fleshy rows in skin so delicate. His scream cracked the air like a whip & he fell in a heap. Warm hands grasped him, but not before the cold stillness stole him away. His last thought, an apology to the brother holding him so firmly, salty fear already raining down from scared eyes above.

Red Tears

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She cried. That’s all his memory held. Not the copper in the air, not the red on his hands. Not even the salt on his lips. Just that she cried for him.

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