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My Continuing Abscence Update

Wow. I know it's been a while. And, I'm WAY behind on birthdays, too....sorry to all of you who have had birthdays going unrecognized. It's been a pretty busy month. Between a lot of personal errands and kids' summer ball (four games a week), it's been hectic. Plus, our financial situation is at an all-time precarious place--lots of stress.  We've spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make things work. So, yeah, I've been offline a lot.

I had hoped to be in this week to get caught up a little, but yesterday I woke up with severe kidney pain that not even Vicodin was handling and was only able to produce a dribble, so we called my doctor and went in for CT scan. After the scan, they made me wait for the results, and though my doctor had to go, they had the on-call doctor take a look. Looks like I have a 12 mm stone blocking my ureter--and a stone of that size isn't going anywhere.

Anyway, long story short, they sent me over to the hospital, checked me in, placed a stent in using cytoscopy so the urine can pass to my bladder and told me to call and make an appointment with my doctor Monday. Lithotripsy is usually the first course of action and since the machine travels in a trailer from hospital to hospital, I'll have to wait until it's back in town to get the stone busted up. At least, I assume that's what's going on.

Either way, I guess I'm one of those sensitive people who can really feel the stent and so I'm pretty doped up on pain meds (because it HURTS) and I'd kill for some ice cream right now. I guess being intubated during surgery made my throat sore? I guess that's possible? And my jaws are sore from gritting my teeth too much. Mostly, though, I'm really tired and my bladder hurts all the time even with the meds and I will likely sleep a lot until we get this taken care of--which means I probably won't be around much...back to status quo. *sigh*

Good side of this all, my sweet little kids and hubby have been good to help take care of me and the stent has helped relieve the kidney pain :). Just wanted to check in and let you all know. Hope you all are taking care of yourselves and I miss ya!
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