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Stuck Again (Writing Woes)

Why is following an outline so hard for me? Isn't making an outline supposed to make writing easier?


It seems that I'm stuck again and every time I get an idea, I start thinking about how that will affect future chapters and find that it won't mesh with what's outlined or I'm afraid I'm bringing in certain elements too early in the story. It's driving me nuts! I want this chapter posted like yesterday. It's been a year since I've updated this story and its such a shameful amount of time to go without posting. *cries*

Seriously, though, I think writing without an outline is, in some ways, easier for me...but I'm afraid that if I don't follow an outline with this particular story, the plot will get messed up or too drawn out. I know I was gently advised (rightly so) of drawing WUC out too long and passed it's natural I was hoping to avoid that by having this plotted before hand. Sometimes I wonder if maybe I'm not a writer at all considering how hard this is at the moment. Plus, I really had hoped that having a 3 day weekend would help me get some real work done on this--but I'm gonna end up being gone too much. How sad is it that I'd rather be working on this rather than socializing with my family? Being away from my computer right now makes my fingers twitch.

*is depressed*

I guess I'll go open Word and stare at it for a while and see if something happens...or take a nap. *sigh*
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