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Episode 6.02 Thoughts

Eh...I think I'll skip giving my thoughts on this episode. It didn't really feel right to me and I don't want to be a downer--don't assume it's anything  about Sam because its not--not at all! Anyway, I'm sure you'll all be happier NOT knowing what I think. Briefly, I'll just say that I am very happy with how they got Dean back into hunting and kept him still sorta with Lisa--love how Lisa treats our boy. She's really good with him. Sam could take some lessons from her, I'd say. Sam, who told virtual strangers about Dean's torturing in Hell, something that shoulda been private between he and Dean only. *sigh* Oh, Sam. Why would you do that, buddy?

Also, I liked the end with Dean and the Impala. Otherwise, I'll spare you the details of my faulty analysis. Also, I doubt I'll be reading anyone else's reviews, so sorry to all about that. Just...I don't know, I feel weirdly weird about it.

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