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Support Supernatural and Smallville by Spreading the Word!

I admit it, I've been hibernating. That's pretty much my M.O. for this time of year when the grayness and bareness of winter settles into my frigid bones for the long haul. But with the impending return of two of my favorite shows, Supernatural and Smallville, I had decided to poke my little groundhog-like head out for a little sunshine at the end of a long, cold Hellatus last Friday only to find that my long awaited reunion with the Winchester brothers and Clark Kent had been cruelly canceled only one day in advance!

So now I'm getting my picket signs ready and I'm helping a group I belong to, Dean's Archangels, spread the word in support of those same shows after The CW jumped the gun and pre-empted Supernatural and Smallville in favor if repeating Vampire Diaries and Nikita episodes--supposedly because the floundering network feared the ratings hog, American Idol, would decimate their fledgling favorites. The sting and rub of it all is that the clueless network has never afforded the same kindness to either of the stalwart double S's. In protest, I would like to ask everyone who reads this to help us out and show Supernatural and Smallville how much we support them despite The CW's bungling snub.

How can YOU help? Well, for starters, try to get as many people as possible to watch the rerun of Smallville's "Icarus" and Supernatural's "Appointment In Samarra" on Wednesday night and then tune in again on Friday for the new episodes, Smallville's "Collateral" and Supernatural's "Like A Virgin." I know it will be hard for any of us to actually affect ratings, but let's advertise, advertise, advertise anyway! We've got nothing to lose by trying and you never now how much it might help. Fire up your Twitters, Facebooks, LiveJournals, and blogs and visit all your favorite forums and communities. You're welcome to use any of the information I'm posting here to help you get the word out. Also, if you have a Twitter, you can start tweeting the hashtag: #SupportSPNandSMV starting tomorrow and going through Wednesday at least.

You might also share the following articles:

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If you feel so inclined, you can let The CW know your feelings on the preempting here:

Comment Line: 818-977-6878

Last, but not least, there are a couple of vid you can rec to all your friends and share wherever you can. The first is a little vidlet by ash48  called "They Did What?" See it here LINK!

And coming soon, jessicarae24  will be putting up a new promotional vid you can share. I'll come back and share that link as soon as she's finished the video and has it uploaded.

Now it's time to Twitter, FaceBook and LiveJournal the heck out of this thing and take back the momentum Vampire Diaries and Nikita stole from us die-hard Supernatural/Smallville fans!

P.S. Don't forget to pass the word to any Smallville fans or fan sites that you know!

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