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Heh. Strangely Okay.

Heh. I just got a de-friending notice. Whether it's coincidence or because of my last post, I'm not sure...but if it's because of my feelings on show? I'm strangely okay with that this time around. I guess those of you who are consistently encouraging me are having a positive effect!

Anyhoo, if anyone would like to write letters for whatever reason to the writers, here are the addresses for that:

The big cheeses: Sera Gamble, Robert Singer, Ben Edlund and Eric Kripke: 

USA office

9465 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 880
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Vancouver office

Supernatural Films, Inc.
8085 Glenwood Drive
Burnaby BC V3N 5C8

Dawn Ostroff
President of Entertainment
The CW Network
411 North Hollywood Way
Burbank, California 91505 USA

Peter Roth
President, Warner Bros. Television
300 Television Plaza
Building 140, Room 229
Burbank, California 91505

Wonderland Sound and Vision
8739 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90069

Email address for the CW:

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