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Feeling Melancholy

Maybe its the weather, maybe its post-finished chapter nerves....maybe its how depressing the world at large is...but I feel sadly pensive. Since everything else would be too exhausting to address--there's nothing that can be done about the world or the weather--let's just go with the writing.  I finally finished the next chapter of What Comes After and you'd think I'd be happy...but so not. I don't even feel like going back through it to make improvements before I send it off to be beta'd because I just feel so depressed about it. I know it's gonna come back with a lot of red because its such a ROUGH chapter. It depresses me that it took more than a year for me to complete this mess of a chapter. Don't look for much action, folks, as much as I tried, I wasn't feeling it at all. Plus, I fear it may seemed contrived--only getting me from point A to point B. *sigh*

I did discover a new song this week. I'd love to make a Jensen vid set to this song--if I had the time to mess with it. It's called "Satellite" by Guster. I think it would be a perfect tribute to Jensen song. I can envision a lot of movement in the video--scenes of looking out the Impala's window, the sky, soft gentle pictures and expressions. *again with the sigh*

I'm so stymied in the creative area. I wish someone would pay me to make these things my job so I could spend all day doing these things I feel passionate about instead of trying to fit them in between life and exhaustion. Its been a tough week. Nothing really bad has happened....the week just went on and on and I've been extra tired for some reason. So. Tired. As in, I could totally use a nap right now. So it felt like each day was a test to stay awake and then I'd drop down like a rock when I got home.

Anyway. Happy Pie Day! I've been looking forward to this episode for some time! I'm so glad its not a heavy, deep serious one.
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