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Dreamwidth! Also...

So, I finally broke down and opened a Dreamwidth account and transferred all my LJ posts over. I honestly don't know why because I have no plans of leaving LJ, but I figured I had an invite code and it couldn't hurt to have all my stuff backed up. I can't imagine a scenario where that would be needed--but it's done in any case. Since opening the account, I've received on invite code to give to a friend, so if anyone reading this would like an invite code, just let me know. If anyone would like to see/find/subscribe to my Dreamwidth account, you can find it here: NovembersGuest on Dreamwidth

I do have one question, though. Is there any way to get whatever I post here on LJ to automatically show up on DW or do I have to manually import it over every single time? I know you can cross-post what you post on DW to LJ, but I was unsure if you can do the opposite. Also, just thought I'd mention that I've renamed my LJ so that all my journals now have the same name (DW, LJ and Tumblr)--Ramble On. :)
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