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Miscellaneous Rambling About Whatever and Vid Recs

Okay, so I totally know no one on my flist shares my total glee over this, but I'm absolutely thrilled by the new development on "Once Upon a Time"! Since the episode aired a week ago, I figure its safe to talk about now. I mean, just WOW. I loved the twist, even though some feel it was predictable, I totally did not see it coming. Little Red Riding Hood/Ruby turned out to be a werewolf who killed her lover! I mean, dang, I didn't see that one coming. We were lead to believe it was her lover, but it wasn't him. I was suspicious about it being Peter because it couldn't be that easy, but I never suspected Red. I. Love. It.

Plus, I realized (duh) the girl, Meghan Ory, who plays Ruby/Red is the same girl who played Rachel Berrisford, Alec's love interest, in "Dark Angel." And, she was also in a recent episode of "Supernatural" (see pic below). So, now, I totally ship Dean/Ruby (Red). It would be perfect if Jensen would do a guest on OUaT. Too bad he hadn't been cast to play Peter--it would've been perfect, reuniting the two actors and giving Jensen a small role as Peter who didn't have much to do and died off, thereby making it a clean in and out guest spot for him. Now I'm dreaming of vids and other fan arts pairing the two.

Okay, also, I love this video by k9lover27...I really enjoy videos that have a lot of motion and movement (and no talking lips you don't hear...voice overs are fine, but I don't like a lot of soundless lips moving). Plus, you know, ANGST!  It's Dean centric and I think other Dean fans will love it, too, so enjoy:

"Daisy/Dean Winchester" by k9lover27
Song: "Daisy" by Brand New

There's also this one that is really moving, by secretlytodream:

"Always Find Me Here" by Loki/secretlytodream

I also really enjoy these made for the episode "Red Handed" which tells Ruby/Red's story:

"Red Riding Hood/ Red Rose" by almostgaby
Song: "A New Hope" by Broken Iris

"She Wolf/Ruby & Red" by IdtProductions2
Song" She Wolf" by Shakira

I've pretty much decided to stop boring anyone with my writing woes. It'll happen when it happens, I guess. Most likely when I get enough consistent sleep to function. *hangs head in shame*

OH and can't wait until this week's SPN!!! I can't wait and I think you all know why (but I'm keepin' it spoiler free for those who don't). SQUEE!

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