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Supernatural News, A Change In Leadership

So, have you all heard the news?

Sera Gamble is out and Jeremy Carver is in as the new show-runner! I was taken by complete surprise when I saw this announced all over my FB yesterday--surprised and excited. I'm sorry that we will lose Sera as a writer because she does a great job writing individual episodes, but I can't say as I've been impressed with her ability to tackle season-long arcs. It seems like these last two years have been kinda slow and lackluster overall (the first half of season six was a complete disaster). There have been plenty of episodes I've liked (most especially this season), but they are almost all character based and not necessarily about the story-arc.

It's like the Leviathans...nice concept at first, but at this point I'm not sure I even care about them anymore. The only real emotion I've felt about them is when the guy who plays Dick Roman is on....he really has done a great job playing someone I'd like to smack--but we've seen him only a handful of times. Far more interesting this season has been what's going on with Dean, Sam, Castiel and Bobby. And, yeah, I have to admit I've always been more about the characters than the overall story arc--just my personal preference--but the last two Big Bads have kinda felt like Big Flops ('course, that's just my opinion). I won't even get into all the stuff that got dropped or never really made any sense (tied in) with the overall concept during season six. So, yeah, Sera is awesome as an episode writer, not so much as a show-runner.

However, what really has me excited is who is taking over! Jeremy Carver has written a lot of great episodes himself:

"A Very Supernatural Christmas"
"Mystery Spot"
"In the Beginning"
"Family Remains" (which I actually liked even though no one else did)
"Death Takes a Holiday"
"Free to Be You and Me"
"Changing Channels"
"Point of No Return"

Of course, like with Sera, good episode writing doesn't necessarily mean good show-running, but I'm really hoping Jeremy will be just what the show needs to kick in gear for its possible (probable?) final season. I feel really hopeful that this will be a good thing and I'm excited for season 8 already. Good luck to Sera--please let Jeremy bring it!

Wow, sorry to anyone who actually reads this...but, in the middle of this I decided I didn't feel so hot and ran out of steam *laughs pitifully*.  FAIL. Hee-hee. So, your thoughts?

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