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O-M-G, *facepalm*, I am SO Sorry, Flist!

I just realized that I never replied to the comments on the post prior to my last one. *facepalm* I am so sorry, you guys! As I had posted that night, I didn't even finish what I was saying because I started feeling bad--and then, indeed, was sick. I was so sick all weekend long with a nasty cold (or something like that) and even missed out on Easter with my kids. They went to a family gathering while I stayed home and slept. But, anyway, I totally forgot that I never replied once I started feeling better this last weekend. Epic. Fail. I'd do it right now, but I'm far too tired. It is so way passed my bedtime, that its nearly time to get up instead. Don't ask, it's not interesting for sure. So, first order of business when I get on the 'puter tomorrow is to reply to all your lovely comments. For now, though, goodnight to you all! Enjoy your Saturday!

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