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I'm feeling pretty good about myself right now. No, I didn't lose weight or earn a new degree, lol! Nothing so major as that...but I did manage to take my e-mail inbox from nearly 1500 e-mails down to about 5. There were a ton of old story reviews, LJ comments, YouTube comments and subscription notifications that needed weeding through. So I deleted all the notifications, then sent out replies to the rest. I may have missed a few, but I got most of it. Took hours to do. Now, if only I can stay on top of things so I don't get behind and disappoint people again.

I've been meaning to take care of some of that over a year or two (I really suck at replies these days, I feel bad about it), but I'd just freeze at the thought of dealing with it. I think my coping skills are shot. It makes me wonder how I ever got through college--but then, I was a different person then. On average, I felt better, had more time, my focus wasn't quite as shoddy even though it's always been an issue. Something about tonight felt right, though--so now it's ticked off my list. Now, if I could just finish NaNo and "What Comes After." I'd be over the moon!

A lot has happened in real life over the last month or so, but I'm not gonna bore everyone. Just three weeks of vacation left then it's back to the old grind. Ugh. I'm so not ready. My body is too worn down to be ready for work (probably because I do a crappy job of taking care of myself) and I don't have the energy to even think about it. But, it's coming, ready or not. I hope I can get some writing done in the meantime.

Think I'm gonna relax for a second and then go do some laundry.
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