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Help! I Have a Question About Stitches

I don't know if anyone will pay this any attention whatsoever, but if you do, I need ideas ASAP. I have this scene I just wrote where Dean takes a shower. It can be re-wrote if necessary to have him just clean up with a washrag, but I'd like to keep in intact if I can. The problem is, he has stitches across his chest--and you're not supposed to get stitches wet, only I forgot that Dean had stitches when I put him in the shower. So, what can I do? Would having him plastic wrap himself work or is that too far-fetched, too much trouble?

I'm thinking I'll have to go back and re-write it so that he's giving himself a wipe down with a cloth, but it really works better if he takes a shower to clean paint from his skin and to warm his body up. So any solutions are welcome! Thanks in advance if anyone responds.
Tags: help?, nanowrimo, what comes after, writing
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