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If any of you readers have actually stumbled in here...I just want to say that responses are forthcoming. I always work by system when replying. I hit the Supernaturalville reviews first, work my way through LJ comments and then on to the replies. I'm so anal like that. Still, I admit, I did nothing last night and little tonight (we eat dinner at my parent's house every Wednesday) and I apologize for always keeping you waiting. I WILL get to them, just give me time.

On that note, let's seque into "Oh my gosh, its bedtime on Wednesday night and I've only written two pages of the next chapter!!!" Yeah, only two pages. More than normal at this point since I usually focus on getting out the review replies before starting the next chapter, but I had wanted to be farther into it than this. I can only hope that having a three day weekend will speed things up (WOO-HOO! for Labor Day).

Oh...and I'm in the middle of making a coupla new vids for friends and, therefore, have that distracting me as well. I will post them here when I get done so you can see if it was worth waiting for the next chapter or not, lol!

Hope everyone has a good Thursday (which it will be in a half hour for me) and I can't wait for tonight's repeat. One of my top favorite eps!

 *grabs WIAWSNB and snuggles it with much affection*

Happy Supernatural Day everyone!
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