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Monday, Monday....Wish It Were Sunday

I am so not in the mood to be at work today. I'm just feeling wobbly inside and so not in the mood for people. The last thing I feel like doing is being here at work right now. It's raining outside and I'm so, so tired...I just wanna curl up in bed and pull the covers up to my chin. I hate it when I feel this way because when I feel this way every little thing that is going on around me gets on my nerves--like fingernails on a chalkboard. I don't even know why I'm feeling this way since I was fine yesterday--at least until the last few hours of the night. Ugh. I just keep taking deep breaths and trying to keep my cool--its gonna be one of those days were I find it very hard to stay grounded in the present. Well, time to suck it up and go do my job. *sigh*
Tags: moods & emotions, real life
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