Nicole (novembersguest) wrote,

Reading Recs

Since I was passing around recs, I thought I'd bring the last two SPN fics I read. Its been a while and I don't read them very often, but these two were worth reading. I'm sure you've read the first, "Adiago" by gaelicspirit. Her fictions are much well-loved by all, but this is the one I read last and it was such a moving and brilliant piece of writing that I wish it were canon.

The second is a wee!chester story. Its called "Nothing to Be Scared Of" by Partly. This heartbreaking story was just wonderful. I especially enjoyed the ending scenes between Dean and John. Its these kinds of stories that remind me why I sometimes feel so protective of canon. The story that  has been established early on is enough and doesn't need to be messed with. There will always be a wealth of gold found in those first two season of Supernatural.

There ya go. Two good reads to warm your heart or break it, its always a toss up with these boys.
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