Nicole (novembersguest) wrote,

Stolen Fanfiction

So, I saw this post on Tumblr today. Basically, this website (Ebooks Tree) is going through AO3 and taking people's fictions to repost as downloadable pdfs or mobis and somehow are making profit from it. I've seen gaelicspirit's stuff there as well as a_phoenixdragon. You may want to go there and see if your name is there as well. Makes me really glad I don't have an AO3 account--though it could happen anywhere we post. If you click the link to the Tumblr post, there should be directions on how to get your fic removed from Ebooks Tree.

Gaelic's fics?

Phoenixdragon's fics?

Also, if you find a friend's work there, you might want to let them know PDQ. It would also be good if you could give this a signal boost here and at Tumblr.

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