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Fail! & Miscellaneous

For a little while now, I 've had two personal e-mail accounts--a Yahoo account and an Outlook account my Windows 8.1 insisted on. Those of you who know me well, know I kinda suck at keeping up with things--I'm horribly scattered--so obviously that wasn't working out so well. So, I combined them. I now have all of my Yahoo mail forwarded to my Outlook account so I only have ONE personal e-mail account to check (not including my work e-mail).

Anyway. I decided now that I have the two accounts combined, it was time to go through the accumulated e-mail and do some "spring cleaning." Ugh. I'm so horribly embarrassed and ashamed of all the reviews and LJ comments I've never replied to! I had NO idea I was this far behind. I've gone through and answered some, but I wanted to make a post to apologize one more time for the lack of response on my part. I keep telling myself every time I get caught up that I will never let it get out of control again...and, yet, it always does. *hangs head in failure* My most sincere regrets on that.

In other news, I've decided to make Mother's Day gifts for my mom, sister and oldest niece. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've gotten into the essential oils--what I didn't meniton is my new interest in Pinterest and all the DIY projects there. I ordered the stuff I'll need and plan on making body butter, bath fizzies and sugar scrub for the hands.

I think for the body butter, I'll scent it with an essential oil blend that is especially for calming and helping with stress. I thought it would be nice to use before bedtime. For the bath fizzies, I think I'll use lavendar for my mom and niece and something blended for tranquilty for my sister (she thinks she might be allergic to lavender). For the sugar scrub, I haven't really decided, but I was thinking about adding lemon so they can keep it in the kitchen to use. I thought the lemon would help neutralize any bad sents on their hands from cooking jobs. I hope it all turns out well and it ends up being something they can really use and enjoy. It doesn't sound hard to make any of it and I found a good deal on Ball jelly jars to store the body butter and scrub.

Wish me luck on my DIY projects. Hope you all have a great week!
Tags: apologies, random, real life
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