Nicole (novembersguest) wrote,

Crossing My Fingers...

With a little luck, I’ll be posting a new chapter to my woe-begotten WIP tonight. I’ve promised my family I’ll watch a movie with them around dinner time, but after that, I’ll try to gear up for one last read-through and then post.

I’d feel better if I had one last beta read instead, but there’s no time for that to happen if I’m gonna reach my self-imposed deadline. I wish I had a real-life friend who could do it real quick, but, alas, no. I do not trust real life friends or family to not laugh or criticize me for being overly melodramatic. I’d be scarred for life and I don’t need more self-esteem issues added to the mix. I’m already aware that my writing is more of a guilty pleasure than anything close to actual literature.

So I’m just gonna put this here to add a little accountability to my deadline and hope for the best.

Tags: crosspost, fan fic, wca, what comes after, writing
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