Nicole (novembersguest) wrote,

Who Will Watch Over Sam When Dean's Gone?

 I know, I know...I do feel bad that I did this when I should've been doing the epilogue, but my friend, gaelicspirit, turned me onto this song and as soon as I heard it, I just couldn't stop myself. Seriously, I just became possessed with the need to do this. So, here is a new vid. It doesn't have any special effects or what not and I did it all in two days--which is pretty quick considering my stupid WMM kept crashing and freezing, etc. It could've been done better by more talented people with better programs, but honestly this vid means a lot to me. I enjoyed making it and I hope you enjoy it, too. It does contain a couple of season three clips...but nothing big and spoilery.

And you can download it here: Download Me!
Tags: angst, fan vid, hurt!dean, supernatural
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