Nicole (novembersguest) wrote,

Positive Comments & Reviews Always Matter


People will never know what their kind reviews/comments mean to me. Yesterday, I was feeling pretty low about my writing. I had posted chapter 10 of my WIP and, after nearly 80 some visitors, had received only one “thanks for posting.” This was significantly less than ever before.

It especially hit me hard because this was the first chapter I’ve posted without anyone to beta read it first. Talk about an ego crusher. I really felt like I never wanted to see another word of this story. To work so hard on something no one seemed to care about. It was a low moment and I admit to feeling a little over dramatic at the time. My emotions aren’t fun this time of year and I get that my reaction wasn’t great.

Finally, though, I got three more messages (counting today) that really encouraged me to calm down and not give up. To some people, three reviews wouldn’t seem like much, but to me, it meant the difference between not knowing if posting this story was worth the work and emotion I’m putting into it or not. Especially when I have an original fiction I’d like to get back to (I’ve put it on hiatus so I can finish this SPN fanfic first).

So the next time you think your one review makes no difference? Think again. To some of us, it means more than ‘thank you’ can ever convey.
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