Nicole (novembersguest) wrote,

Oh, My Soul

I don't usually listen to Casting Crowns--I've always been more of a Jars of Clay/PFR girl--but I saw this on Facebook and the lyrics spoke directly to my heart. It totally made me cry and it was definitely needed. I especially like the bridge of the song.

I've haven't lost faith that God is alive and well, but sometimes I lose faith that He's still with me--due to my own fault. I know I should do better--I have bad habits I've fallen into and I fear pushing God away too long and too far. I have a lot of fears in life, though. Life, for me, is harder than it needs to be, but I'm not sure how to change that.

I know my anxiety/depression/health issues are my crosses to bear, but it gets heavy. Things like this help me keep going...I love it. The visual of the video is perfect as well.
Tags: lyrics, personal, real life, vids
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