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Happy Pre-Easter!!!

Just in case you all get too busy...or I get to busy, I want to take time to wish all of you a very Happy Easter!!! I hope you guys enjoy yourselves and spend some quality time with your loves...whatever or whoever they may be.

We don't have big plans this year--I'm just too exhausted to rally my extended family together. My mom almost refuses to celebrate it since my nephew was killed in a motorcycle accident a couple of years ago (not ON Easter, but in the following May--don't ask, I don't know what her reasoning is) and it's just a thing I don't want to deal with this weekend. It's a long story...and yes, I have nephews and nieces that old...what can I say, I was born WAY after my sibs.

So....I'm too tired and wrecked by nerves to mess with it (too much to do and I'm overwhelmed, lol). I think we'll go to Church and then eat lunch at my mom's like always. The kids can hunt eggs there as well as anywhere and, of course, we'll have an Easter basket waiting on the front porch for them. So, that's my boring plans. Hope you all have a good one.

P.S. I didn't know anything about a "strike" until a couple of hours ago and still don't know what it's about...and probably don't care. But, I hope y'all aren't offended by my posting irregardless of the strike.
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