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Fic Update and Songs Perfect For Vidding...

Okay, well, for those who might possibly be interested, chapter two of "What Comes After" is pretty much finished. It needs tweaked and beta'ed, but at least its all down now. I'll probably go back over it on Monday. I hope to send it to be beta'ed by Wednesday at the latest. I know it took me way too long to get it done--as per usual. I know I always say that, too. What can I say that you haven't already heard? Does it help if I say I feel like a total heel? *gives puppy eyes*.

Seems like LJ has stopped sending out posting updates and that sucks. So, I don't know if anyone's reading, but I thought I'd lighten the mood I've been setting by listing some songs I'd love to see vidded for Supernatural by lsketch42, JessicaRae, brighette or dayln03

And, yes, I do realize that many, if not all, of these songs have already been done by someone, but I'd like to see one of those four lovely and talented ladies take a crack at them. :)

"Let Go" by 12 Stones

"Until It Ends" by Breaking Benjamin

"Make This Go On Forever," "Signal Fire" and "Whatever's Left" by Snow Patrol

"Hey Man, Nice Shot" by Filter

"Nothing Left To Lose" and "Freak Of The World" by Puddle of Mudd

"Everyday Is Exactly The Same" and "The Good Soldier" by Nine Inch Nails.

"Devil" by Staind

"Break Me Down" by Red

One of the versions of "Requiem For A Tower"  (also known as "Requiem For A Dream") by Cornerstone Cues Presents or Clint Mansell or anybody else that's done it.

"Voodoo" (edited version) by Godsmack

"Harvest" by Opeth

"Why Am I Here" and "Hands Off The Wheel" by Oleander

"Broken Sunday" by Saliva

"The Gift," "Never Leave," "Remedy," "Fine Again," and "Six Gun Quota" by Seether

"Burning Bright," "Heroes," "All I Ever Wanted," and "Shed Some Light" by Shinedown

"It's All Over" by Three Days Grace

And a Jensen Ackles centric vid--"Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis

"Immortality" by Pearl Jam

And there are others--but it's late and I should've been in bed two hours ago. *yawns* G'Night LJ-land.

*watches brighette's vid "Run" one last time--because it fits my mood so well*
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