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So here's the deal. I just sent chapter two off for the first primary look-see by Sodakey--when I get it back from her, I'll send it for a final mistake combing by Mady and Tidia and then post it. However, we're all insanely busy with jobs and things, so bare with us.  Sorry it's taking so long...*makes puppy eyes*.

Also, I have mentioned to a couple of you that I'm working on a new vid set to Snow Patrol's "Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking" and I'm almost done. All I've got left is the last instrumental stanza...thing is, I've about decided to wait until the last three eps air to finish it. I mean, I just know I'll kick myself if there's some really good footage to finish the vid with and I don't wait. I've been working on it off and on since February or so, but it's slow going when you don't have several hours at time to just sit and vid. So, that's that.

Lastly, I've created a webpage/site specifically to house my recs and my own stuff and it is now linked in my LINKS instead of my LJ page I was using. Bare with me, it's a work in progress. Eventually, I hope to have it in alphabetical order and looking real spiffy, but I figure it's good enough for now as it is to go ahead and post the link.

Thanks to all of you for your patience...I know I sure require it.  *smirks*

Hope you all had a great weekend!
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