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*Possible Spoilers* Finale Speculation/Promo Talk

So, what do you think's gonna happen flist? How many of you have even seen the new promo for the next ep? Man, I tell you, if those scenes turn out to be a dream or a vision, I will be so mad. At first, I was really wanting them to find a way to save Dean. I wasn't one of those who wanted to see him die and go to Hell. I mean, yeah, I know they'll bring him back somehow, but I just wasn't sure I liked the idea. Then I saw that promo and I'm ALL on board with Dean dying. The hurt!Dean girl in me just got way too excited seeing those scenes of Dean being attacked by the Hell Hounds and then Sam holding his dead, lifeless body. Sam was crying so hard...was so upset...I have to have this be real now that they've put it out there. I'm such a sick, sick girl, lol!

BUT. But I hope this doesn't mean Sam embracing his darkness to save Dean. I'm afraid that what will happen is Sam will get so upset and angry he'll either do something really stupid to get Dean back or he'll wig out and he'll embrace his demon's blood to make Lilith bring Dean back...or do it himself. I really don't mind if Sam uses his powers, so long as he stays Sam. I want him to be be little Sammy forever. I can't hardly bare the idea that Sam would lose his goodness.

Also, do you think it'll go off with Sam holding a dead Dean or will it go off with Sam doing something terrible?
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