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"No Rest For The Wicked"


Okay, I know I didn't get to my replies to comments, but I was too over wraught over the ep for tonight, sorry, I WILL get to them. All I can say is this was possibly THE best ep ever. I loved it so much. My son and I clung to each other as Dean was ripped up by the Hellhounds. Then they actually surprised me with Dean screaming for Sam in Hell (or wherever he's at :)  ). I have so much to say, there was so much in this ep I loved, but I'll have to calm down first. My cheeks are still burning and I have a headache from the more later. OR try gaelicspirit's run down on the ep on her LJ. I'm sure she had plenty to say :).

The title was so appropriate because Kripke was wicked awesome and there'll be no rest for him over this ep, hee! Eric Kripke is totally a hurt!Dean writer, lol! God bless 'em, he sure delivered!

I give this ep a 10/10!
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