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Keep Me In Your Memory, SN Music Vid Finale response

I hope I've got all the links and everything right for you guys, I've been out all day and will be out all if something doesn't work, I'll have to fix it late tonight ;).

Anyway, I know this song has been done over and over before and possibly after this season's finale, but I just love Linkin Park and once I'd seen the finale, I couldn't get the lyrics/scenes out of my head...I kept resisting because I knew this song had been done so much--but I finally couldn't take it anymore and put this together over the three day weekend. I know there are some things that could've been done a little better, a few glitches, but after working on it almost non-stop, I HAD to get out there. I couldn't concentrate on my other vid I've been working on or my writing until this was done.

Anyway, here's a synopsis and links. I highly recommend the download even if it is a big file because you just can't get the same quality for the effects on this one on YouTube.

Title: Keep Me In Your Memory
Song: "Leave Out All The Rest" by Linkin Park
Characters: Dean and Sam
Category: Angst, angst, angst...oh, and some hurt!Dean
Summary: After dreaming of the last time he almost left Sam, Dean fears what his death will do to his brother, but knowing it can't be prevented, here are his last thoughts and wishes.

*SPOILERS* Contains clips of Season 3 finale.

All comments/ratings are appreciated :D.

File Front Download
Tags: angst, fan vid, hurt!dean, keep me in your memory, supernatural
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