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Tag! You're It! And Much, Much More...

Before we get to the meme, I want to address some miscellaneous business beforehand. First of all, I know some of you on my flist believe in the power of prayer, as do I, and I would like to ask that you remember gaelicspirit 's toddler in your daily vigils. Poor little darling has been suffering from monthly high fevers for some time now and the doctors aren't altogether sure about the cause. As if that wasn't enough, her hubby also has some ongoing health issues that the doctors are aware of and are treating, but it is a constant added struggle and strain on their please keep gaelic and her family in your prayers. And, btw, you might drop by gaelic's journal for her con reports.

Also, I just wanted to mention that the generous moderators of Supernatural Video Station have awarded a SVS bronze award for my vid, "Keep Me In Your Memory." I was shocked, but very pleased and wanted to thank them for that honor. It was totally unexpected. THANK YOU!

You can find the LJ version of SVS here: spnvidstation 

Lastly, I go to the doctor on Thursday to find out what the docs have decided to do about my pre-diabetes diagnosis. I'm a little nervous because I know that the primary thing will be to start me on some kind of weight loss plan. Ugh. Not pleasant. I'm not very successful at weightloss and the PCOS most definitely makes it harder for me than other peeps to get that pudge to budge, so it is a worry and altogether unpleasant idea.

Now, for the meme. Okey dokey, ladies, I've been tagged by the lovely and talented gaelicspirit who was tagged by gumnut . The object of this meme is, in gumnut 's words:

Sometimes it's ok to pimp yourself out. Post a list of your top five fic-favorites you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most. Then tag five other people to do the same.

Now, as you may or may not know, I'm completely uncomfortable with self-pimpage in any form--primarily because I just don't think I'm good, just 100%  average. But, this is the first time I've been tagged and actually knew it ahead of time so that I could participate without looking like a total goof-ball answering a meme tag months old. Heh. Wow, this is hard...I've not really sat and thought about what I love the most about each of my stories...much less tried to rank them...and I'm SO indecisive, but here I go:

1. What Comes After
Yeah, I know, its not even finished...hardly even started. It's been a really, really crappy year for me and it seems like just when I seem to get back on task, something really bad in, out of the ordinary bad...not your normal daily set backs. But, even though it seems to be constantly getting derailed, I've already developed much love for this unfinished fic. Partly because of the people who helped me outline it and have been working with me on it.

gaelicspirit  guided me throughout the outline of the bare bones of the story and provided me with a working chapter outline for the first few to show me how she handles chapter by chapter outlines. Even though I learned pretty quickly that using such a detailed outline was not really for me, I still appreciate the time, effort and ideas that sprang from that place. At least I now know HOW to do it.

Also, she was there through the birthing process of the thing and I will never be able to thank her enough for that, for encouraging me to go for it and for constantly holding my hand when I felt discouraged. It is a complete joy to work with her even that little bit and I treasure her input and opinions for as so much as she is able to give them. *hugs*

The other person who has made this experience worthwhile and special to me is sodakey . She has also been there through the birthing process of the story and continues to provide irreplaceable betas of each chapter. She is such a busy, busy lady that it constantly amazes me that she sets time aside to look at each chapter and provide detailed comments/suggestions for me--even on the run. This lady is so uber talented, knowledgeable and kind that I feel both unworthy and very lucky to have her along for the ride. She has become a valued friend and e-mail buddy in many ways.

Lastly, my gorgeous banner, as made by the amazing jessicarae , is just so perfectly perfect that I find myself inspired just looking at it.

2. An Act of Deliberation
Yeah, I know some of you are scratching your heads and wondering why that one. It didn't get near the response as my first fic and I almost get the sense that some may have felt a little disappointed by it, but I have a special fondness for it. It allowed me to work out some ideas that had been haunting my dreams for months on end and allowed me to stuff some of my own personal angst into Dean in a very cathartic way. I liked it because I also learned so much from writing my first fic and was able to put those things into practice with this one. It was less ridiculously over the top in emo and the use of epithets was pared down considerably. I think, personally, my technique was a little better and the things Dean went through were somehow very important to me.

3. The Wake-Up Call

My first, my baby, the only thing of that length I'd ever managed to finish up until that point. The episode "Devil's Trap" inspired it and then it quickly became addictive. I'd go through withdrawals if I wasn't working on it...and I met some of the greatest people while writing it, including gaelicspirit . It was most certainly the best way to get through a long, hot summer of post-cliffhanger syndrome. It will always be special to me because it was the first and because so many people dared me to feel good about it.

4. After the Hunt
My first attempt to create a certain atmosphere and to write in a more action-oriented mode. I had intended to enter it into a Halloween fic contest, but chickened out at the last second. It may not be the best, but I enjoyed writing it.

5. Sacrifices
Not very popular at all, but oh so carthartic for me. I was hitting the bottom of the depression pool and this was just what I needed to get through it. It wasn't very well loved by the general public, but it does occupy a special place in my heart because it was there for me when I needed something positive to hang on to. I wrote it the July before the season 2 premiere and is completely AU now.

Okay, there you go. Please note that I'm way past my bedtime and did not have an opportunity to re-read this for editing purposes, so I hope it all makes sense and that there are no huge spelling/grammar faux pas. ;)  Hope it was worth a read and hope to see some others pick up the meme and run with it.  The people I'm going to tag, I don't even know if they ever stop by my journal, so it may not work out, so anyone reading this should feel free to give it a whirl--just please let me know so I can read your post--because I really want to!

I randomly tag:


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