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My Bloody Valentine Brings Friends Together :)

Last night I got to meet gaelicspirit  and thruterryseyes  in person.  I promise, you could not ask for two nicer, fun-loving, gorgeous gals. I'm SO glad I got the chance to meet these two lovely ladies in person--their camaraderie is a very catching and lovely thing...and they both love to laugh and just have a great time. I feel very blessed that out of all the people they've come in contact with, they chose me to include in their plans for seeing My Bloody Valentine 3D ('course, I guess my fairly close proximity to Terry had a little bit to do with it as I'm sure there are many of you they'd love to meet). They were great and I enjoyed their company very much. Actually, it worked out great because I tend to be the listener/observer in a group of people and they were great at making sure that there was no awkward moments that sometimes happens when I'm around because I'm quiet.

And, can I just take a quick minute to say, I LOVED the movie. Jensen in 3D and on the big screen--even better then I could've hoped for.  To see that expressive face so large and looming--I look forward to many, many more movies. Plus, we get to see those gorgeous Ackles's arms and part of his shoulders bare--and, HOLY BICEPS OF DOOM-- it was HAWT. Not only does he have beautiful, flawless skin, but, DANG, that boy's been working out! He is very well-shaped and bulged in all the right places. Just perfect. His body has changed so much from his Dark Angel days--in all good ways, be assured. I was sad when he had to put his shirt back on. *sniff*

Also, there was this one moment that had the entire theater jumping, even me. Now, in real life, I tend to be fairly jumpy, but when it comes to movies, I don't really react outwardly all that much. I don't talk to the screen, I don't make noises or do much of anything but just allow myself to be absorbed (I don't know why, its just an odd thing of mine)--but last night they did manage to cause me to jump right out of my skin. And, I swear, I think I heard some girl behind me somewhere whimper at one point. Which, seriously, how great is that?

Beyond that, I have to say that I'm super-impressed with the 3D effects. Seriously, they were really cool! If there's anyway you can, flist, make a point to see this movie in a 3D capable theater. You will really be missing out big-time if you don't. Plus, the movie was actually GOOD. I mean, no, its not  "artsy" and its not "thinky," but it was very suspenseful, very action-packed and it kept you guessing right up until the end. It was an interesting and well-done slasher film--one of the best I've seen--and it is artful for its genre because of the 3D. I very highly recommend it if you can stand gore at all. I will give you that it was also one of the most gruesome horror movies I've seen, but if you can stand it, go and see it. Did you see how many times I used the word "seriously"?

It was a great night and I'm so glad Terry and Gaelic coaxed me out of my "safe space," it would've been MY loss if I had not gone. I'm fortunate to know such awesome gals! They made a great night completely AWESOME!

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