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I've Found Teen!Dean, Guys! *Actual Spoilers Inside*

Keep in mind that while I mean every word of this, it is also said with a certain amount of humor as well.

Oh, you've GOT to be kidding me? Is this some kind of cruel joke?

They've had this kid (Jake Abel) bagged to play on an episode and it wasn't After School Special? What the heck casting crew? This guy, this fella with the big, pretty eyes (even if they are the wrong color) would've been SO much better to play teen!Dean. Why or why didn't you choose him? Huh? I don't get it. He even looks more the right age....and definitely a lot closer to Jensen then Brock Kelly on any stinkin' day of the week.

See Exhibit A provided to us by lsketch42 :

*shakes head in disgust for what could have been*  Thanks, LSketch, for the side by side comparison.

This is Brock...just for reference:

Mild spoilers of an upcoming episode ahead:

So, this is the kid they've chosen to play Adam on an upcoming episode called Jump the Shark. Rumor has it, he is the missing Winchester brother. Now, of course, with a title like Jump the Shark, I think it's a given that he's not REALLY a long lost Winchester brother, but he's pretty enough to be one.

I'm just frustrated that he wasn't teen!Dean. It's kinda obvious they think he looks similar to the boys or they wouldn't be casting him as a potential brother--but why waste him on a single ep when he could have been the face of teen!Dean on ASS (and, oh yes, those acronyms do apply) and on future eps?

Egads. No, you had to choose the one with Aerosmith lips and a Sylvester Stallone accent...just to make me nuts, right? Yes?

Congrats, it worked.

*face plants*

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