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Vid Recs and Good News...

First, the goodies!

I have a couple of vids to know, since this hiatus is painfully loooonnng.

By meltingconfetti :

"Fell Into a Rabbit Hole"

Summary: Mostly Dean's 4th season POV with clips up through Sex and Violence
Spoilers: up through Sex and Violence
Watch vid here!

By maichan :

Summary: Artistic presentation on movement and tactile response using Supernatural footage.
Spoilers: I don't think there are any.
Watch vid here!

"This Close"
Summary: recap of Sam and Dean's struggles.
Spoilers: Through season 4 episode 4.
Watch vid here!

By jessicarae24 :

Summary: Angsty Sam character study.
Spoilers: some season 4
Watch vid here!

And one more Sam-centric vid that is AU, but REALLY good:

By secretlytodream :

"Don't Go and Leave Me"

Summary: Sam left Dean for Jess, but when the darkness inside him gets bigger, he kills her. Dean is trying to find his brother, but Sam ran away, because he was terrified of what he had done. When police almost caught Sam, Dean helped him get out, but Sam couldn`t live anymore with what he`d done to Jess.
Spoilers:  I don't think any.
Watch vid here!

Admittedly, after I watched "Monster" and that last vid, I felt a little depressed that I can't vid like that--SO GOOD.

Now, for the good news.

Let me hear a hurrah! I finished Chapter 4 of "What Comes After." I've even started writing Chapter 5 already!!! So, when do you get to see an update? Well, that kinda depends on fast it goes through the beta and correction process. But, it is done.

Also, I had a check up with my endocrinologist (well, really, his nurse practitioner)...and while she was not pleased that I keep forgetting to take my medicine, she was thrilled that I've lost 7lbs. I hadn't even realized I that was a nice surprise. Also, she's gonna try letting me take two extended release tabs in the morning only and see if I have better luck remembering it. I go back in April to see how I'm doing. If it's not making me too sick, then I guess I'll be set.

But, hey, I guess 2 lbs a month is better than nothing :).

May you all have a terrific weekend!!!

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