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Update and Vid Recs!

Update: WCA chapter four has made it through its first two betas and is waiting on the third is waiting on me to read it through one last time--because I'm nervous like that. It should be up this week :).

Vid recs:

I found a new (well, new to me) and incredibly awesome vid teamsmokeyfizz:

Summary: Just some good fun with the Winchesters.
Watch it here:

"Running Up That Hill"
Summary: This is how they describe the video, "This video focuses on the relationship between the Winchester brothers. It follows up through season 2 to 4. Video mainly follows Dean's feelings after his fathers death and knowing that he sold his soul to save him. As well as Dean's sacrifice to save Sam and Sam's feelings on the situation of his brother going to hell and not being able to do anything about it.
Afterward when Dean is brought back, we touch upon the distance between the brothers and how Sam and Dean seem to have been chosen for different purposes.
"We both matter don't we?" is where we really tried to emphasize that."

Watch it here: 

And, last, for my fellow Twilight fans, their smashingly, super-awesome, hugely creative Twilight vid:

"They Don't Love You Like I Love You"
Summary: Well, Twilight, of course. Duh. :)
Watch it here: 

Don't forget to hit the red HQ/HD button on the YouTube player for best viewing!!!

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