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Shooting My First Glock :)

Before I get to the reason I'm posting tonight, I just wanted to briefly state that I had a pretty busy weekend and have not had time to get a lot of stuff in my e-mail addressed...but I'll try to get things whittled back down soon. Not that I have a lot, but some. Also, I'll be out almost all day tomorrow. I'm going with my daughter on her class trip to the zoo! Yippee!

Now, for the reason I'm here:

Yays! Hubby took me out today and let me shoot his new .40 caliber Glock. This is the first time I've gotten to shoot it and it was loads of fun (hee! pun intended). It shot a little low and to the left, but after a while I got a little better at compensating for it. It has night sights that are really cool, too--not that we'd NEED night sights, but it's still neat. We went to a local shooting range and took our own targets to post. Naturally, his shots were grouped together much better than mine, but I improved a lot over just one hour of shooting and I pretty much hit the target somewhere every time I fired. I was so proud when I finally, FINALLY, hit the red center  \o/.

Before today, I've only shot a .22 cal Colt and a .22 rifle (don't even remember what kind it was). Compared to them, this .40 cal was a lot more fun. I have no upper body strength, though, and I couldn't load the clip past the fifth bullet. He had to finish it out for me. Anyway, don't know that anyone would even find this interesting, but it was fun and memorable for me :).
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