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The Usual Suspects Episode 2.09 Review

My immediate thoughts and reactions to this episode.  Contains spoilers to said episode.

First off, I really loved Linda Blair, she was cool...definitely one of their best guest stars to date. I wonder if maybe they can get her back in the future, perhaps pullling a favor for the boys?

I was really excited to see this episode play out, I was hoping for a lot of resolution - mostly the St. Louis thing...which we didn't really get (but that's okay). Dean is still wanted for that, only now they know he isn't dead. I'm thinking this has gotta make their jobs harder since Dean is at large and wanted.

Still, I liked this episode. It was more of the old Supernatural we know and love. No clumsiness in this one because it was just the boys doing what they do best, hunting things and saving people. Don't get me wrong, I've loved this season so far (except for No Exit), but with this was like old times. I feel like a woman in the desert who just found a cool, refreshing bottle of water.

I do love the emotional tension, angst and brother moments we've had up to now (in fact I crave them openly), but I admit that it was nice to focus on the job for a change. This was like a nice little breather in between some heavier episodes and a vast improvement over last week's. I knew they could do it (shame on you doubting Thomas').

I'd forgotten how much I just love to watch the boys figuring things out, working like a team. That's the best part of this episode, seeing the boys working like a team that's on the same page throughout episode. I loved how they were both thinking anagram even if they were in separate rooms...and the note Dean sent to Sam telling him how to escape was icing on the cake.

Although I knew it was coming, due to being a spoiler-junkie, I really liked seeing Dean cop to the truth. Like someone else said, it was so Mulder-like in the way he did it - matter of fact, don't give a dang if you believe me or not. That was one of my favorite parts (not to mention it was a great distraction for Sam's escape).

Also, I loved that once Detective Diana started getting her own messages from the dead, she was able to go to Dean and just take him at face cloyingly stubborn refusal to be convinced. And, I liked that Dean just came straight out with it and was so eager to help her by trusting her with Sam's location. He's such a hero like that, always working hard to keep innocents safe.

Which brings me to Diana (Linda Blair) and Sam's hunt together. For some reason, I just loved seeing the two work together. If ever the writers wanted to pair the boys with someone who could hold their own and seem believeable (without seeming like they were intruding) it's definitely gotta be Linda.  It was great and I really enjoyed her scenes with both boys.

This episode seemed more like a good, old fashioned who-done-it-mystery, even if it was pretty obvious that the pretty-boy detective was the guilty party early on.  I think that what saves it is the fact that, while we may have suspected him all along, we still didn't know WHY. That's also an important element in any good mystery case.

Did I mention that I also liked the references to Sam's legal knowledge? They should play on that from time to time. Of course, I loved Dean's usual snark and the intense way he takes in everything that's being said to him as he tries to put the clues all together (think of the scene at the table with the Karen girl, who seems really familiar to me). Also, it was good to see the boys' silent communication working again toward the end with the looks speaking volumes (Sam looking to Dean when all the gun play was going on and Dean silently telling him what to do with just a few facial gestures).

My biggest complaint? I just wished the ghost had killed the cop and not Det. Diana. Oh, and that it had been longer. I could've watched it play out for another whole hour.

What? Of course, I loved the Exorcist references at the end...pea soup indeed! That was very funny (as well as the references from The Shining, X-Files and The Rockford File's name - as always).

Overall, this would've been a good episode for newbies to watch. No myth arc, just a good stand alone showcase of good guest stars, a mystery and the boys working their magic...sniff, but I did miss the Impala just a little. But, hey, the boys did get the customary coffee...that was a definite plus.

To wrap it up, I can't wait until next week's epi (Crossroad Blues, 2.09), I've been waiting patiently for it ever since I read the spoilers. But I totally give tonight's episode a thumbs up. All it lacked was: the Impala and some brotherly moments...but a girl can't have everything...I'd never be able to relax enough to go to sleep (not to mention it'd have to be a two to three hour episode).

Congrats to Kripke, the writer(s), the cast and crew, they hit a home-run tonight. 

Oh, and one mini-rant:

I've noticed some people keep mentioning how it was nice to finally get a "Sam-centric" episode...I just don't get that.  Why does it even need to be mentioned?  It's not important to always point which brother was focused/not focused on.  Statements like that wear me out, really.  I just get tired to the bones.  Who cares!  As long as they are both in it doing what they've always done, I don't give a fig who got more time than whom or who had more lines.  I just want them TOGETHER working their brotherly, team-effort magic.  One or two epi focuses on one or the other, here or there is no skin off my nose (as long as they don't get obviously carried away  - which they aren't going to do, nor is there any reason to suspect they will...okay, Kripke, don't make me eat those words, lol).

But, yeah, someone always has to mention it somewhere, don't they?...just to niggle under my skin like sand in my shorts.  Ugh!
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