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Just A General Life/Writing Update and *coughs* More Eggs

Finally! Today I got to stay home all day. It's been such a LONG, LONG time. I'm really sorry to go AWOL on everyone on all sites, but life just got too busy between the ball tournaments, family things and me volunteering for summer school. I think that last week of tournaments for our kids, we played 8 games in six days.

Son's team didn't do as well as we had expected. His team won all but one of their regular season games, but then when we got to tournament, things went to crap. The thing was, we only had one pitcher who could actually pitch and he missed a game and came late to two others--by the time he got there, the other team had scored too many runs to win. You just cannot win a game walking all the batters, people. Can. Not. Win. I hope next year we have a back up pitcher so that won't happen again. I'm sure we would've won something if we'd had someone who could pitch.

Now, daughter's team, well, those little girls decided to play when they got to tournament. They ended up winning a first place trophy and went through the entire tournament with NO losses despite being ranked 7th. We were so surprised and elated! My daughter, who is six, carried her trophy around with her everywhere she went for the first few days. We were so proud! I have pics at my Facebook for those of you who are on my friends' list there.

As for summer school, I've got two more days and I'm done. I decided to volunteer some of my time helping my sister so I wouldn't have to tutor after school this next school year. Since all this time I've spent up there this summer is voluntary, I can use all of it for my career ladder hours. Career ladder being a program for teachers to use to earn extra money. Monday and Tuesday of this next week are my last days of voluntary servitude :). I'm so relieved. It was great seeing some of the kids, buy I'm happy to get back to vacation.

On the writing front--it's been pretty dry, folks, I won't lie. I worked a little on WCA, but I just haven't had a lot of time. When I have been home, I've been swamped with housework that I've gotten woefully behind on. Like I said, today really is the first day in the last couple of weeks I've been home all day.

As for the drabbles, I just haven't jived with the new challenges. I really don't do crossovers and I'm NOT a Sam writer. I may go back and pick up the challenge for the word "alert" since it didn't have any other specifics attached...I just didn't have time when that one was issued. But the crossover and the wee!Sam? Not. Happening. I don't understand why there seems to be a new overwhelming influx of requests for Sam stories. *shakes head in frustration because I just don't feel it*.

Anyway, I hope to get the house back under some control and hopefully find some time to write late next week. I feel horrible about once again getting so behind--but my kids and real life just have to come first. I never realized how much more busy you become when your kids aren't babies/toddlers anymore. Who'd have thought?

Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed me their encouragements and who've continued to read my drabbles while patiently waiting for WCA.

Now, last but not least...I lied. I said I wasn't getting any more new dragon eggs... but after my hatchling died last night--I just had to have another try. So here are my new eggs. I hope these make it to adulthood. :) I'm keeping my thoughts positive.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Thanks for any extra views/clicks!
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