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Seriously? You're Fighting Over OS Systems? Really?

Hey guys, sorry to abandon you....I decided to do some more research on the whole Mac vs PC question before asking anymore questions here and it has taken ALL of my free time. I visited the Apple website quite a bit, did some Googling research, read several articles and posted some questions on two message boards--Macworld and I recommend'cause the other forum? Wow. They are actually suspicious of Windows users--they thought I was posting for the pure pleasure of putting down Macs. Who'd have thought?

So, after a somewhat cool reception there, I decided to start reading the comments after the articles on Mac vs PC that I had read before hitting the forums....and you know what? Them computer folks is nuts! LOL. At least, some of them are. There are a whole slew of them that act just like the craziest parts of fandom. There are Mac fanboys (fangirls) and PC fanboys (fangirls). And, let me tell you, they mean business. All out fighting over a stinkin' OS system. Which explains why when I posted on the Macworld forum I ended up feeling like a Dean girl who just posted on a rabid Sam girl only message board (or, just to be politically correct, vice versa). And I say rabid because some of those comments were beyond impassioned.

I couldn't believe it. I just had to really puts our fandom into perspective to realize there are people out there being just as nasty to each other over operating systems.

*gigglesnort* Personally, until further notice, I'm bi-OS system!!! LOL!

So, anyway, I mentioned being surprised by the cool reception at Macworld and was basically (though politely) told that perhaps I should research my stuff better before asking questions. That way, I can ask "educated" questions and not come under suspect. Because, apparently all the research I'd done beforehand was just the appetizer.

Wait for, wait for it...

WHAT!  O_o  Is this for real? So, in order to ask people questions on a  forum, you're supposed to spend, what? HOURS? Researching everything before you're allowed to ask questions or post about your fears in switching OS systems? REALLY? See, I kinda thought the whole idea behind having a forum like that was so NOOBS could ask the experts and old hands advice and questions. Sorry, my mistake.

Yeah. I'll just be over here at it's OKAY to ask questions and have doubts.

My experience there was much warmer, more helpful and I didn't have to be afraid to admit I own a Windows PC...apparently they realize that a question doesn't equal an insult and some people don't have time to pour hours of research in the differences in OS systems just to be able to ask, "will the switch be worth it and how do I protect my Mac AND Windows users from potential viruses on the MS Office portion of a Mac without buying TWO antivirus systems (because most Mac people don't use antivirus protection--but I would anyway and the Mac viruses are different from Windows viruses)."

Seriously, I know this post seems sarcastic, but I really had to giggle about the whole thing. Who knew Mac people were so loyal to their OS systems that they would feel offended by someone asking questions about potential cons? And the guy who suggested I do more research really was trying to be helpful and nice (which I appreciate)...but I don't have TIME to sit all day reading every little thing posted on the net about Macs. And, I didn't feel I should have to. What's so wrong about asking questions and having doubts? And who better to explain it to me than an actual Mac user?

*shrugs* What can I say? I'm a Pro vs Con kinda girl. I like to have ALL my facts not just the sugar-coated ones. *giggle* ;)

Just for reference, this was the original post that caused the problem:

Mine is a story I'm sure you've all heard dozens of times before, so pardon me for the repeat. I've been a life-long PC user (Dells) who is now considering the switch to a Mac. But I have many fears and questions and am leaning toward going with what I know out of frustration. There seems to be a hundred articles and opinions on this issue, but none have completely swayed me one way or another. So, I need your help.

One of the reasons I've been thinking of switching to a Mac is the things I'm hearing about less maintenance and less problems with crashing and freezing. I know I often do curse my PC for crashing, particularly when it starts to get really full of junk. I know my registry is probably full to running over by now. I have to wonder if a Mac needs its registry cleaned or if this is one of the maintenance free things I've heard about. What does this even mean...needing less maintenance?

Another reason I've been thinking of switching to a Mac is because I enjoy making fan-made vids using my Sony Vegas. I also enjoy making art in my Photoshop as well...and I've heard that a Mac is better for these types of things (or maybe just have better software?).

Lastly, I've watched the online vids at Apple and am intrigued by the easy to use desktop.

Now, some of the reasons I fear switching to a Mac:

1. What if there's something online I want to do that isn't supported in Mac? Like online work programs (like the web-based SEAS)? How does IE work on a Mac? Some things require IE to access it. I do spend quite a bit of time browsing online. I shop online, am a member of several forums, like to download music and TV episode torrents. What if the Mac doesn't support some of these things I've spent so much time tracking down?

2. If I get a Mac, I plan on getting the Microsoft Office for Mac. I need to have Word and other things because most of the people I interact with will be using Windows programs. And I've heard so much about Macs not needing virus protection--but if I have MS Office, I'd need something, right? I don't want to infect other people just because my Mac isn't infected. Plus, I want to be ultra sure that my Mac is safe from viruses, intrusions, spyware...all of it. But, I don't want to spend a fortune buying stuff that protects my Mac AND the Windows stuff--and a security system.

Can someone add something to this that will put my mind at ease?

3. I don't like the fact that Macs can't be customized like a PC. I like being able to choose a better battery and how many USB ports I need. AND, I love my SD card reader in my PC. I hear that Macs don't have these.

4. I fear the unknown. No, seriously.

What I'd like, are some viewpoints on the above, plus some straight talk about Mac's problems. I know a lot of people talk Mac up in all its advantages, but if I get one, what are some common problems I can expect to encounter? I know all things have the ups and downs, pros and cons...and I really want to know what I'm getting myself into if I choose the Mac.

Oh, and to help you, I thought I'd list the things I typically use my PC for:

Email (including downloading docs from others as well as sending them my docs), IM (love Digsby), making my own music CDs, listening to music, making fan vids, fiddling around in Photoshop, posting on forums, Word (lots and lots of Word, including uploading docs and downloading docs from other users), work stuff (usually Word, PowerPoint and some online programs that are work required), reading/printing PDF files, P2P downloading, surfing the net, occasional online gaming, watching DVDs, YouTube, LiveJournal, and I use Windows Media player a lot, I have Rhapsody and Limewire...I also have WinXDVDRipper.

I know most Mac users are in love with their Macs, but I really want some honest answers...including, are there some people who should stick to PCs? If so, who would those people be?

Thanks in advance to everyone who replies.

Edit: Please, helpful answers with reasons...I'm not dead-set against a Mac, I just need some help being sure it's right for me--it's a very costly piece of equipment and one I will be using for some time. I've seen articles by people who swear by both. If it's not right for me, I'd like to at least know why I should stick with the PC. I'm trying to keep my mind open to all possibilities.


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