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Episode 5.14 *SPOILERS*

OH MY LORD. That was....

PAINFUL! Poor Dean. I mean, yeah, poor Sam...but POOR DEAN. RIP MY HEART OUT. *cries* I knew he was broken...maybe a little empty inside...but that was awful. And the end scene? GAH. Jensen just kills it and breaks my heart. I mean, I'm flushed. Am I just over-emotional tonight...or was that as hard as I think it was?

I don't know what to think. And they've just left us hanging for SIX weeks. *cries harder* And, they'll probably come back in March with NOT ONE reference to what's happened to Dean or Sam. I mean, the boys need to talk about this. I need them to. How will Sam's addiction be now? He did hear what Famine said about Dean, right? About  how there's nothing inside Dean? That he's SO broken, nothing can fill the hole? I think if that was my brother, I'd be gutted and scared.

I don't know what else to say. My poor Dean. *clings to him*
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