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Blankity-Blank-Blank! *Fumes*

Can being out in the sun cause you to run a temp? 'Cause, if not, looks like I'm getting sick AGAIN!  Every single Friday I get off from work, I end up getting sick and don't get to enjoy and USE my three day weekend. I gettin' really peed off about it. It's happened the last three or four Fridays I've had off. And, we'd been having a good day up until about 4 PM or so.

We took the kids to the park and let them fish the pond for a couple of hours--it was a beautiful day. I sat on the bank and watched the geese and ducks. About eleven Canadian geese where floating around, enjoying the sun along with the regular park geese. Then we took the kids to play on the playground equipment for about an hour and a half and then went for pizza....good day, right? But then, about the time we went to Pizza Hut,  I got a hellatious headache and a sore throat...had a bad feeling then.

As soon as I got  home, I took three ibuprofen and lay down for an hour or so. After it kicked in, I tried to read for a little while. Just a bit ago, I decided to take my temp because my cheeks are burning and it was low-grade, but that's still enough considering the medicine is in full force by now. Plus, we had a girl in class this week that had strep throat...and a few family members who apparently had the flu. I'm like, 'I'D BETTER NOT GET SICK...AGAIN.' *makes fuming noises and clenches teeth* Grrr.

So, I'm sitting here hoping it's just my body in shock from having sat out in the sun for the first time since winter set in. I swear, if it's not, if I end up sick, I'm going to pout like jilted princess. This is SO not fair. *stamps feet and feels juvenile, but doesn't care*.

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