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Happy Easter, April Birthdays Part 1, Episode 5.16, A Vid Preview and Fun Times!

Before I get to anything else, I just wanted to wish everyone a blessed, peaceful and Happy Easter! May God bless and shine on you all.

Also, I would like to wish all of the following a very, very Happy Birthday!


mariej1978  was on the 1st (sorry, I'm late)
moonshayde  on the 2nd (also sorry I'm late)
thruterryseyes  (this weekend)
jessicarae24  on the 7th
andreas_ri  on the 8th
eighth_horizon  on the 8th

May you all be happy, loved and cherished on your special day!
On another note, I've started working on yet a 2nd Supernatural music video. Yes, I'm totally a glutton for punishment. I just really needed the extra stress, you know, lol! And, I made sure to make it extra difficult by picking a pretty fast paced song with some strong beats. So, yeah. I haven't gotten very far with it, yet, but I hope it turns out well. Just in case you might be interested, you can preview it here (I gotta warn you, Motionbox seems to do wonky things concerning hitting beats and stuff, so take that into account as you watch, please):

Tentatively called, "The End": Clicky-click!
Now for a bit o'positive! Well, have a truly, truly craptastic week...did I mention CRAPtastic? and the family finally had a pretty good day. Recently, and against my advice, my hubby purchased a pink Cricket for our daughter so she could go shooting with us. So, today, the whole family piled into the car and went to the gun range for a family round of shooting. We all took turns (as an extra safety, we didn't all shoot at the same time) and my hubs and I took extra special care to try and teach both of the kids safe gun handling. I know a lot of people would think the kids are too young, but we take every precaution and the hubs has been through the hunter safety course. And did I mention precaution, precaution, precaution?

I tried shooting daughter's cricket, but, honestly, the thing is too dang little. However, apparently, it's very accurate and it only shoots one shot at a time, which is good for daughter. Plus, it takes shorts which are less dangerous than the regular ammo we would use in a rifle. We let her wear the only set of shooting ear muffs we have and the rest of us used those foam ear plugs...which I kinda hate because you can barely hear anything at all. But, those special ear muff thingies are expensive!!!

It was a gorgeous day and we were the only ones at the range. After a couple of hours doing that, we quickly did our shopping and then came home and colored Easter eggs. Now we have bright, pretty eggs all ready to go for another day out in the sun tomorrow. After Church, we'll all be heading to my nieces house (who's only five years younger than I) for a family Easter picnic hunt. And, for the first time in WEEKS, I feel pretty good. Tired, but good. Just for these two days, I'm putting aside all the yuck and just enjoying being with the family.

So, did everyone catch that last Supernatural episode? It was a doozy wasn't it? I mean, WOW. Just wow. I had already watched the previews of the boys being shot, so I was expecting that, but what I wasn't expecting was the gut-punch of angst that followed. I know I probably shoulda posted about it here, but I was so speechless and there was so much to process, that it actually took me posting about it at over a matter of two to three days to really get a handle on what I wanted to say.

Let me just say, though, when Dean dropped the amulet in that trash can, my heart dropped through the floor. *whimpers* I won't bore you with all the details of my own reaction to it all or with my speculation about what's coming, because by now, I'm sure you've all found alternative websites or journals for that type of thing and most of you read gaelicspirit 's review (which is not only thorough, but pretty much in line with my thoughts), so, I figure the ship has kinda sailed on my chance to write about it here. But, Dean wuvs hugz. How CUTE! And, I've decided I enjoy Dean in flannel. Don't know why, typically, I'm not really a flannel kind of gal. *shrugs* Either the flannel or the black t-shirt with leather jacket. ;).

Okey, dokey. I guess that's all I've got to say for now. Enjoy your weekend, folks!
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