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Thank You, Update on Dad & the Finale

I just wanted to drop by real quick and thank jane_eyre  and heather03nmg  for the awesome cookies and milk (virtual gift)! How did you gals know I was needing some milk and cookies? I really appreciate it. *smishes* Yummy, yummy!

So, my dad is home from the hospital now...has been for almost a week. He's on blood thinners and is taking some medicine to try and regulate his heart and the doctors seem to think he's doing really well. He does go back for several follow ups, to check his blood (to see if it's thin enough) and to check his heart. If the meds don't get his heart regulated by his appointment next month, then they are going to try to shock it back into rhythm. Scary. Business. So, I'm really hoping his meds work.

Thanks to all of you who commented and sent me best wishes. I appreciated it so much even though I haven't replied yet. This whole thing has left me feeling even more nervous for my parents than ever. I mean, I just want to keep them both around and in good health as long as possible no matter how old I am. *clings*

I guess I should probably at least mention the finale since it did happen. I gotta warn you, though, I'm not really feeling all that positive about it. I know most everyone thought it was the best thing ever...but I just don't. I actually feel guilty about that, but nothing I can do. Maybe someday I'll feel better about it, but not right now. This is the first time in the history of my devotion to this show that I've come away feeling disappointed and out of sorts with it. I feel like I just had a Bobby in the shower moment (from the old show, Dallas).

Edit: Though, I think I may be coming around to it. I just need time to process. 

*hugs to you all*
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